Monday, July 5, 2010

Williamson's of Shafter Lake, Andrews County, Texas

A query about the family of Esquire Williamson was posted on the county
Query Page.

Tim Williamson has donated many photos from his family and of Shafter Lake, Andrews County, Texas including that of the Shafter lake Hotel & the Shafter Lake Baseball Team of 1910. He has also donated a DeathCertificate for Martha L. Williamson and the Marriage record for H. F. Williamson & Nora Smith.

Below is the Query Mr. Williamson posted. If you have any information to help him to find the information he is requesting please email Tim Williamson.

My father is Thomas Joe Williamson whose father is Henry Franklin Williamson (HFW) whose father is Esquire Thomas Williamson (ETW).

ETW was born in Alabama in 1838, moved to Eastland, TX sometime after 1860 (i.e., after the
Civil War). My records show that ETW and family moved to Shafter Lake in 1904.

I am a novice at genealogical research but did come across the enclosed document. I accidentally located it. It is listed on the Anderson County TXGenWeb site (

I conclude that was listed there accidentally because the first page says “Andrews County” and
it was mistaken for Anderson County.

If you go to the link above, you will find it near the bottom listed as:
, Martha L. 21366 Anderson Williamson, Esquire Thomas

Can you tell me what I can do (or how best) to find any other information for my ancestors who
lived in Andrews County?

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